We believe the WHOLE is greater
than the SUM of its parts

Humankind is at a critical inflection point in its history. To change the present momentum toward global chaos and environmental collapse, it is essential for the human family to mature, recognize its inherent and prior unity, to truly begin to connect as “one family, one species”, able to see beyond national, religious, or ethnic identities and work for changes that address the needs of the whole planet

“think globally, act locally…”.

Our Mission and Vision

Our offerings can be grouped into 3 categories


Experiential Workshops


Test & Develop Leadership & Organizational Development models.


Mentorship, Consultations, Project Support

Guiding Principles

The Leadership and Peacemaking Global Network is a learning community of people around the world who, recognizing the essential oneness of the human family, join together to implement the power of adaptive leadership for resolving human conflict.

We aim to do this by using the AL frameworks to develop people’s consciousness and resilience to tolerate uncertainty, and holding space to actively listen to opposing points of view and develop dynamic feedback loops across the globe.

Our Projects

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Cercles de Lideratge

In May 2021, ICIP (Catalan Institute for International Peace), which depends from Catalonia’s …

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Paris Peace Forum

The Paris Peace Forum is a multi-actor platform to address global governance issues …

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Seeds of Peace

Semans Lape aims to promote leadership, representation and effective participation of …

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